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Managed Information Technology Solutions

Help Desk , Remote and Onsite IT Support

W hen your employees have IT problems or questions, who do they contact? Employees often turn to their managers, especially in small and midsize businesses. The managers then need to track down someone who can help, which takes them away from their responsibilities. Meanwhile, the employees become frustrated, as they wait for assistance to arrive.

With our Business Managed IT Solutions, we can offer Help Desk, Remote and Onsite IT Support to avoid disrupting your staff’s workday. Having a reliable IT help desk can eliminate frustration and lost productivity. Our experienced technicians can assist your team with technical problems so they can get back on track quickly. Our managed IT helpdesk is equipped with a professionally staffed technical team that will provide prompt and courteous assistance to your employees when they need it. Most importantly, you’ll connect with people who care about customer experience as much as you do. For complex IT problems, we will provide Onsite Support within 4-24 hours after the service request is submitted based on the Service Level Agreement with our Client.

Data Center Management

Data-centers in today’s digital era is changing fast. Data Center operations for businesses of any size are crucial for business continuity. The servers either on-premise or Cloud-based that power them need to catch up just as quickly. If your Data Center host all your Business Data and Applications such as accounting application etc., then you need to think about data-center management. If you aren’t already implementing the cloud, 5G, IoT edge devices, and artificial intelligence, it’s likely you will soon. Our Business Managed IT Solution will help your business with performance improvements, upgrade & transformation of your data-center in the new era of data-centric computing.

Data Center Management Services we offer:

  • Performance Management
  • Data Protection Management
  • Agility Management
  • Security Management
  • Accelerated AI Management

Our Solutions also offer workload-optimized software for data-centers with high performance computing and network transformation for your next-generation data-centers.

IT Asset Inventorying & Software Licensing

Keep Track of IT Hardware & Software Assets is an important but often ignored task. We help our Clients regularly inventorying IT assets, recording such information as serial numbers, licensing details, how many devices you have and where is the location. We also help our Clients to apply regular security patches and feature updates for those critical applications .For computing devices, it is also important to keep track of information about the installed applications, including their version numbers. Tracking IT assets lets you know about the pertinent information of the IT infrastructure of your organization. We manage Volume Licensing programs for organizations that use multiple copies of Microsoft software from five to hundreds of licenses.

BYOD – Monitor and Manage Mobile Devices

BYOD, Bring Your Own Device. Employees are increasingly using laptops, tablets, and smartphones for work when they are both in and out of the office. Our Business Managed IT Solutions provide Monitoring & Management for employees mobile devices with secure mechanisms across the network. We watches your business network from end to end, collecting data of performance metrics & security metrics and track mobile devices behavior and issues alerts.

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