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New Start Up Business Consulting

There’s a long list of things to do when setting out in business. What are your top 5 Priorities to start up? Setting up a cost effective, scalable and efficient IT infrastructure for your new business can help you to prioritize work when Everything seems important. Establish and maintain your business IT infrastructure is also one of the most important parts of operating a new company.

Accounting, CRM & ERP Software Solution

Investing in technology solutions will help your company deliver better service and provide better products to your existing and future Clients. We work with market leading Accounting, CRM & ERP Software Solution Companies and can help you to setup the new system from Pen & Paper to comprehensive digital platform. We will make sure your Business Data is synchronized into one solution, making it easier to deliver information across an entire organization to increases productivity and reduce data entry  labour cost.

Physical, Virtualized and Cloud infrastructure

Every Business needs a Data Centre to manage their company files for file access and storage within the organization. We use physical, virtualized and cloud infrastructure tools that would allow a business to practice better data management and meet your client needs more effectively and efficiently. Staff training will be provided by our technical team after the New Data Centre setup is completed in terms of user permission and security compliance.

Networking Solutions

A properly functioning network provides higher user satisfaction that, in turn, reduces calls to the helpdesk and subsequent follow-ups. Businesses need strengthened networks to ensure speed, uptime, uninterrupted access and ease of use.

We use world class network monitoring tools to spot both historical and expected trends, which is a highly useful resource for our technical team to monitor our customer’s network performance. We work with you to select and deploy quality networking hardware products that meets your needs today and provides scalability for future network expansion. A well planned network infrastructure will eliminate the chronic network bottlenecks and decrease complexity of network hardware. This contributes to
improved business processes and business functions. You have plenty of choices based on your business size, IT requirements and budgets, both open source and commercial.

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